One year.
366 days. (it’s a leap year after all.)
520 individual panels.
1492 images altogether.
280 pages.

Holy SHIT.

What a freaking year it has been eh? A full year of Terrene Spire. Some amazing ups and some truly fucking devastating downs and yet through it all I am still going.

Thank you.

Truly, truly thank you. With all of my heart, being and existence.

Seriously, thank you so much for reading Terrene Spire. Thank you all for joining the celebrations. For putting up with my tantrums.


Thank you all so very very much.

I hope I can continue to entertain you all for years to come.

And now the links:

Terrene Spire IRC Chat. We have a chatroom, created by the magnificent @WhoAmEye! Come in, have a chat! I will be there sometimes. I try to be there. Simply write my name and I will react! It’s most often “Dexe” right now. Simply click the link and write a name and all that, it’s super easy!

Terrene Spire on TVTropes. Word of mouth is a strong way to help share what stories you like! Go improve the online presence of Terrene Spire! It’s a big help.

The Dexworks Patreon. Help me to survive to keep drawing! You can gain great insight and nice sketches! No pressure though, my stories will always be free. I am sorry that there is nothing special to go look at yet but, I am working on it. I promise.

…Again, thank you all a million billion times. Really. Just. Wow.

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