Two years.
731 days.
676 individual panels.
1965 images altogether.
348 pages.
It is with an embarrassed and sheepish grin I come with this little celebration, bringing no update or anything to the table. I simply do not have anything ready yet.

And this year… has not been a productive year for Terrene Spire.

There has been a lot of new problems this year, while also dealing with a lot of the old problems from before… From my father passing, to me hosting a friend who lost their home for a few months, emotional turmoil and mental recovery, looking for apartments, jobs and just my place in reality, this year has been… Hm.

I am so much better now, mentally and emotionally. I have gotten a ton of help from my psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers and the job center as well.

This, has left very little time for actually working on terrene spire, because real life kept getting in the way. I apologize for that, I really do.

And yet, this apology rings a silly tone, doesn’t it? Because those of you who read this are certainly gonna keep reading Terrene Spire, apparently. Come hiatus and problems all the same.

I am, blown away by the constant support. I have almost nothing I can really say about it anymore. To think that you would accept this, neurotic anxiety riddled mess that is me for this long, and still stay positive and welcoming?

Thank you, just, thank you all so much.

Terrene Spire is nothing without it’s readers, literally! You guys have already impacted this weird little story so much, and I hope I can get the hustle in my bustle and get things going again soon!

Thank you all a thousand times for reading Terrene Spire! Here’s hoping to many more years of entertainment for you all!

Keep an eye out though, something different starts soon as well…​

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