Here, some information and the maps of the many Adventures on this website will be hosted.

Remember: If you want to command in an adventure, go to the latest page in said adventure and command in the comment section below!

Crystal Rave was the first adventure Dex ever made, having followed the idea of a “mock” point and click adventure game. It tells the awesome (yet weird) tale of the Crystal Raver, and how he came to have quite the adventure. This tale is finished at a bad end, but it ties directly into it’s successor, Mineral Caper.

Mineral Caper Link Archive


Mineral Caper Soundtrack cover art

Official Soundtrack!

Speaking of Mineral Caper, here it is, the upgraded more sleek better drawn an animated successor to Crystal Rave! This time around we take a look at what would happen if Crystal Raver was NOT found by Artimeus, making him still be with his family in his own little world. But does things play out nicely for him? Heh, read it and find out… Or don’t actually. I realized that the entire Crystal Raver story was flawed, after a loooong while of soul searching, so I will not be working further on the story. STILL, if you are interested in my work, give it a read anyways! I used to pour my heart and soul into this bloody thing for a reason!

Kosmo Tourok was an experiment that I wanted to do after a friend of mine inspired me to a unique new way of unlocking skills. I still think about continuing this, cause come on who doesn’t want to read a story about how a TITAN FUCKS UP THE WORLD. Seriously.


Marrow Night is a special thing, as it is me and my friends from a chatroom, made into a group of special spies and then tossed into all sorts of stupid or awesome (or stupidly awesome) situations. This current one is about breaking out the gang, which has been captured through some weird happenstance.


Or not. This was lost with a lot of other adventures…

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