In here, questions I have been asked (through this page) will be answered!

Q: Dex! There are almost no questions here! What is going on?!

A: Oh that’s easy! It just means not many has asked me anything yet! Go right ahead and ask in the comment section below! I will gladly answer!

Q: How often do you update?

A: Ah, that is a good question! The update dates for the comic “The Plains of Guhrin” is up in the banner at the top, but I can list them again here if you want: I update Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Or rather I would, but I have chosen to put the comic on hold for now to work on something else! The other section, the adventures, they update when I feel like updating them. They are basically just extra content that I have fun working with.

Q: I would like an RSS feed of this website! Can’t you set that up?

A: I don’t have to set up an RSS feed, cause that is already built into WordPress, which this side runs on! You simply have to go to the bottom of a page and locate the “subscribe” button! Then you should get an RSS feed fresh for the taking!

Q: Hey, why do I have to sign up to comment/command on this site?? I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!!

Easy there, you don’t have to use a real email address or name. Just type in something fake that looks like an Email and you will be good to go! There’s no commitment here, just have some fun! I don’t know how to disable it completely with Disqus, so its a tiny detail we have to live with.

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