Credits to the beautiful people who decided to help me make my stories, through any means that I have accepted and used! Good on you people for being so amazing! Keep on trucking!

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  • Ming Scott

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  • Peter Wildani



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Mineral Caper soundtrack 1: Caverns of a Titan

It can be found here

Made by Jackson Smith

FLASH 5 tune: I am you, you are me

Her tumblr can be found here

The tune itself is on this album

Made by OJ (Elaine Wang)


Newgrounds preloaders

Those can be found here

Made by the lovely people at

To you all, a pleasant day, evening, night, morning, week, month, year, and life. I hope you will all accomplish what you have set as your goals, and I hope you are happy with the life you have or will take in the future.

-Dexexe1234, Dan Langgard.

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