This is a link hub to all the stuff I cannot drag to my website, either for copyright reasons, or the reason that a website would break the flow, as with forum games and such. Many of these are also gems of my past, even though they have never been finished, but give em a read if you are interested!

Beware the many “ah”s, they are there because I am remembering the past with these.

A note, I can probably never finish this link list properly, as I have done so much on the net its almost insanity to go locate all of it, but hey, I am finding what I can, right?


Forum Adventures===============================|>



The forumites actually talked me out of working on this. And then some few months later, homestuck clones everywhere…


Ah, you can practically SMELL it turning into Double Reacharound: Orange! This was basically DRAO: Alpha.


Ah! My own personal sburb session, that died due to inactivity from the other party involved! I actually really liked this one, and spend a lot of time working on it! If you enjoy homestuck and its sburbitude, then give it a good hard read!


Hehehe, what happens when you cross meta, pokemon, and stupidity? MSPAFAMon of course! It’s pokemon, but with a heavy meta twist of all the pokemon and trainers being adventures and users on the MSPA forums. It was fun while it lasted.


Good old Oracular Grimoire… This one was good, Really good! But it never took off, because I am a doof and didn’t work enough on it. Be on a lookout for it’s characters though! They might appear in other stories of mine!


The original Spud Settlement, that Spud Society is a successor to! Go read this for good measure, even though if you know me you have probably already read Spud Settlement.


Boxer Chillheart happened on an entirely different forum than the MSPA forums, a forum which deletes threads that haven’t been in use for a long time, so now it only exists on my old archives page! It’s still a pretty interesting read though.


This was some small thing I tried, where I would post the latest update in my signature. It was also one of my first forays into pixel art.


Hey, did you like the homestuck act 3 intermission? I did too.


An experimental mini adventure, also working on the meta stuff of the MSPAFA forums.


PEOPLE FREAKING LOVED THIS ONE. It’s sad that I cannot continue it since I lost the files in a recent data failure, together with almost everything from the forums. I am lucky that I saved Mineral Caper! I even lost Crystal Rave, so I am a little upset about that. It’s a story about how a creature grows up to be the greatest horror daros has ever seen. It just never got that far.


A tie in adventure with Mineral Caper the slowly died out. It is about another breed of spuds, called Thorns!


Another Tie in adventure with Mineral Caper that didn’t go nowhere.


An adventure that should have been one big learning study on the world of Daros, while also being interesting. Too bad it never whent anywhere.


This was fun :>


Such a short lived yet amazing idea.


A paper mario themed adventure… *Sigh* I loved working on this one…



The DUELs was a fad I started on the MSPA forums. It’s true I tell ya! I ain’t an old man waving a stick I tells ya! They are all pretty nifty, check them out if you want to!


Forum Games===================================|>

Ah! Behold, the classic! The one forum game that started all this love for doing forum games! Galaxy Trials evolved from a silly pen and paper game me and some friends made, which then in time became one giant odd weird story. Even I don’t know how all of this ties together, but it was fun to make. Ah~, memories.


Ah, the three Gearworks wars. What a trainwreck those were, but they taught me a lot about my art and my ability to draw! Also they are about giant mechs trying to fuck each other up, what’s not to love? Seriously, they might end abruptly, but please give them a read. They are very worth it, and some of my greater drawings of the past are in them!


A forum game where I make monsters out of the personality shown in the avatars and signatures of the people who posted? You better believe it! It was actually quite fun!


Good lord I fucking love card games.


A tie in forum game about the battle happening inside Skaia in the session DRA:O was situated in. This one was actually really cool.


This was pretty neat!


A Change of Scenery was utterly fantastic but I kind of ran myself tired with it because I kept trying to trump my previous updates. Story of my life I suppose. Still, its really good. Go read it!


A fun little game that never went far again… Oh well.


This one was very, very dark souls. I liked it a lot.


This one is pretty cool, cards and neat colors, alas another mental breakdown, I just cant handle this kind of story I guess.

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