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Warning: If you are sensitive to patterns or lights or in general have a hard time with visual stuff, I ask of you to either browse this site with caution or not read it at all for your own safety. There are a lot of visual effects.

Hello, and welcome to! If you see this page, this means you have either A) Gotten back here to check on updates on the stories present on this site, or B) just gotten here from a friend or a link somewhere on the internet! In both cases, I salute you, and I am very happy that you would take what little time you have to spend on things to go here and look at my site. Once again, with feeling:

Welcome to!

If you need some help with figuring out the site, here are some basic instructions:

This is the Adventures Tab, its where most of the stories on this site are! Just by hovering over it, you can get a list of them to peruse. Clicking on the Adventures Tab itself, gives a link to an old archive page that I need to get upgraded soon enough. If you need a little more general info, the Information Tab up there can be of service!

Mineral Caper is the story I am working on right now, and if you want to know if there is new pages for it that you haven’t seen (if you are a returning reader that is), the Mineral Caper Archive button will lead you to a complete list of links to the comic!

Else, if you are new, have a look around! There is a lot of stuff to read and find, so have some fun with the discovery of the site!

Happy reading!