…Oh yeah I have a news section.

New adventure guys! Im trying something revolutionary (for me) with this one! I AM NOT GONNA STRESS OVER SCHEDULES! I AM JUST GONNA UPDATE WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT! JESUS CHRIST HOW FORWARD THINKING!! No but seriously this is hard for me and im doing what I can.

News update I guess.

A lot of stuff has happened and yet nothing happened at all. I have a lot of problems with my head as some of you might have known, and the problems working together have really drained my wanting to draw and create adventures and comics and such. It just seems so utterly pointless to keep going. For now, I guess Dexworks.net will go back into a peaceful pause. I am sorry that I have all this shit to deal with, I am doing my best not to do something stupid that would endanger me. I hope you can at least hate me as little as possible over all this.

I will write something more when I have news of anything.

Oh uh, New Adventure, guys!

Hoard of the Treasure Lord is the latest focus and my plan of updating it once a day and twice in the weekend can keep it running neatly! No pressure on me and such.


I hope you will enjoy it.

Alright, I have finished the redesign for now.

Thought we needed some new paint to go with the new story. Hi, welcome to Dexworks.net. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I will be writing outros for all my older stories soon. Feel like I need to end them in a proper manner.

Whoops. Well, times are changing I guess.

I have finally decided that its time to end the flagship story. Mineral Caper will not be continued. The tale of Crystal Raver will be left unfinished, but the end result of it all will still have some effect on the world of Daros. I do not really know what to say now, other than… Sorry?


DOWN HERE EVERYONE!! Gosh I hope someone sees this.

Okay so, everything has grinded to a hault in here, in the Dexworks. This is because of depression. Everything just seems, horrible right now to me. Worse than it has ever been.

But you guys don’t want to hear that, you just want more updates, right? Thats sadly why I am down here, talking, instead of up there, updating. I just don’t have the creative energy to work on these stories right now.

I also want to explain that the reason I have linked to my previous adventures and endeavours instead of pushing them all unto my site is because I lost all the base data for them, along with the work files and the images, due to a faulty external hard drive! So I had to resort to doing this.

Anyways, I just wanted to explain why this and that. Please go back to ignoring this place down here now.