About the Comic, “The Plains of Guhrin”:

This story is sadly on hold right now, because I want to focus on Mineral Caper right now.


About the Adventures:

The many adventures that are waiting in the delicious adventure tab come from the forums I have hosted them on previously, but now I have moved them to this site for archiving and possible continuation. Much more information can be found about the individual adventures by clicking the adventure tab itself.

Reading the adventures are easy, they all follow a simple formula: The readers give commands to the latest page of the comic, which are then carried out in the future updates! Basically, YOU GUYS SHAPE THE STORY, or at least detail what happens next 😀 So go command/comment/cheer/jeer! Do what you want cause hey, I hope you enjoy yourselves.


About the Author:

Dexexe1234 (or Dex, Dexo, Fatass or just Dan) is a 20 year old artist. He started to think that making a comic was a good idea, and has now brought that idea into fruition by this webpage. He has made some interesting things in the time he has been on this planet, most commonly known as the daros universe, or the Dexworks. All the things Dex makes has been located in a universe he has been creating since he was 8 years old.

Other things of note that Dex has made are:

  • Crystal Rave/Mineral Caper: The story of the Crystal Raver, a still unfinished tale of wonder, that he vows he will return to someday.
  • Double Reacharound: Orange: A derivative of the webcomic “Homestuck” which based on him playing with only one other person. There was some trouble with this one and the partners he had.
  • Spud Settlement: An incredibly popular series about handling a clan of Spuds, some of the smallest intelligent beings in the Daros Universe.
  • Sinister Evolution: The story of a weird tiny creature that would grow into a sinister monster in it’s future.
  • …And a whole fuckton of other stuff.
Most of these things… Well actually all of them are located on the MSPA forums which are connected to If you want to locate them, use google.
Anyways, he has now taken the mantle of webcomic artist and is working on bringing a name for himself in that community.

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