The dreaded Language Barrier is standing between these two young heroes. One can only wonder how they will shatter it.


MC: Does your map thing have a place where you can draw random scribbles? If so, draw a smily face with an arrow pointing off the left side, and hold it up to the other ‘Chrome such that the arrow points to you.

…Wait thats it? I still have so many questions! Why did you stop here? I found Crystal Rave, read that, found this, read this, found Creation Thunders, read that, and there are a ridiculous number of plot threads left unanswered from all 3. You introduce so many cool things, this really leaves me wanting more.

Hey, thank you for reading my old old stories! I am sorry they ended so abruptly, but I had written myself into corners I didn’t evne know how to deal with with my younger self. Those stories were made when I was still in my teenage years, and have a lot of glaring issues. Terrene Spire is my current focus, which is shaping up to just be a better story altogether. I don’t work on those old stories anymore because I moved on.

And uh, even if you don’t intend to finish it, none of the Flash pages work anymore, could you still fix that up please?

WordPress doesn’t work with flash anymore, but I think I can add links that go directly to the flash. Lemme try to do that.

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